Operating disruptions can occur with or without warning, and the results may be predictable or unknown. It is important that a proper Business Continuity Plan (BCP) maintains workflow transparently. In the face of adverse events, such as natural disasters, technological failures, or human error, a BCP should have countermeasures and backup procedures in place to reduce the adverse effects of such events.

At Miles Appraisal Group, we strive to utilize our resources to maintain our data integrity and communications links, both of which are critical to the appraisal process.

Specifically, we use both laptop and desktop computers with off site backup. All data is maintained across both computer platforms and transferred to off site storage on a regular schedule. This mitigates localized disruptive effects. Data can be recovered within minutes from any source, if necessary.

Data can be transmitted and received in the field or office at any time. We maintain a broadband wireless link for laptop computers for e-mail and internet access. Reports can be transmitted onsite or in transit. We maintain multiple mobile phone accounts as well as land based lines for communications. We maintain multiple e-mail accounts from different providers in case of service failure.

With these policies and equipment, we can maintain workflow with ease from anywhere and at any time. As an example, during Hurricane Ivan on September 15, 2004, operations were moved to Houston for five days. We were able to produce and transmit appraisal reports in process during that time, both in transit and on location. Once we resumed local operations, we continued our typical workday.

We are constantly reviewing our processes and equipment in search of more secure and safe modes of operation. Our BCP is updated as new technologies become available. We believe that security does not need to be sacrificed for efficiency. The procedures we have in place have been tested and meet the needs of our clients.